MRC UV Filter (Schott Glass)


Size:52mm  58mm  67mm  72mm  77mm    


  Glass: This Rangers UV filter with transmittance up to 99.3% is constructed of German Schott Glass for the top level light transmittance. 
Frame: 1.7mm Ultra Slim Spiral drawn aluminum frame
design, avoids vignetting on wide angle lenses.
20 layer Coating: 20-layer Multi-Resistant Nano Coating on
both side of the glass reduces lens flare and ghosting .
Application: Reduces unwanted ultra-violet light and
atmospheric haze, sharpens your images and protects your lens.

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UV Filters are used to protect your camera lens from scratches, dust, dirt, moisture and fingerprints. It can also reduce unwanted ultra-violet light and atmospheric haze which is caused by blue radiation and ultraviolet rays. It can be used with both auto focus and manual focus cameras and lenses.

• 20-layers MRC Nano-Coating applied to both side of glass
• Lens Material: 0.531mm German Schott Glass
• Spiral drawn aluminum frame(1.69mm) designed with a gold rim
• Compatible with lens diameter: 52mm
• Warranty: 3-years warranty

Test report:
• Transmission: 99.3% (five test points on the glass).
• Water-repellent: Water drop contact angle: >110° | Water forms bead(s) instead of running off the surface.
• Oil-proof: The oil marker pen ink is broken down into droplets.
• Anti-scratch: No scratching occurred under a pressure of less than 1500 grams.
(If the resulting photos are not up to these standards, please send us some example photos to receive a new filter)


Package includes:
1 Rangers MRC UV Filter

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