MRC CPL Filter (Schott Glass)


Size:52mm  58mm  67mm  72mm  77mm   


  Glass: This Rangers CPL filter with Polarization rate up to 99.93% is constructed of German Schott Glass. 
Frame: 3.8mm Ultra Slim Spiral drawn aluminum frame
20 layer Coating: 20-layer Multi-Resistant Nano Coating on
both side of the glass reduces lens flare and ghosting.
Application: Ideal for color enhancement and contrast while
maintaining overall color balance. Ultrahigh polarization efficiency will cut the undesired & reflected light from water surfaces, snow and glass.

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Circular Polarizer filters are used to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces (windows, water, etc.) and increase density within the sky or foliage by absorbing reflected light. They also emphasize details such as clouds to make pictures crisper with deeper color tones. Their effect cannot be achieved with computer software.

• 20-layers MRC Nano-Coating applied to both side of glass
• Lens Material: 1.408mm German Schott Glass
• Spiral drawn aluminum frame(3.82mm) designed with a gold rim
• Compatible with lens diameter: 52mm
• Warranty: 3-years warranty

Test report:
• Polarization Rate: 99.93% (five test points on the glass).
• Water-repellent: Water drop contact angle: >110° | Water forms bead(s) instead of running off the surface.
• Anti-scratch: No scratching occurred under a pressure of less than 1500 grams.
(If the resulting photos are not up to these standards, please send us some example photos to receive a new filter)


Package includes:
1 Rangers MRC CPL Filter


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