Silver Dual-tip Design Cleaning Brush


Pocket Pen-stly design: It can be stored in your pocket or camera bag conveniently, also can be clipped onto your belt.

Dual-tip Design: With removable dual-tip design, you can cleaning the viewfinder easiler and much more efficient than before.

Environment Friendly: The improved carbon cleaning compound at dual-tip (both triangle and circle side) is non-toxic, alcohol and ammonia Free. The brush is made of soft, natural bristles.

Effective Cleaning: By using improved carbon cleaning compound dual-tip and soft natural bristles brush, you can use the Ranger Lenspen absorbs and removes any dust particles, debris, even fingerprints and smudges.

Widely used for cleaning camera lenses & filters, telescopes, computer & keyboards, microscopes, communication equipment, glasses, musical instruments, or any other precision equipment.

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The Rangers Lenspen is made of high quality carbon powder and natural rubber, used to clean dirt on camera lenses and protect lens.

It can absorb and remove the fingerprint oil and smudges from the optical items effectively.

The unique triangle shape tip helps you to clean the viewfinder or LCD screen easier than before.

The convenient, retractable brush, made of soft, natural bristles, is used to dust away any hard particles or contaminants.

When using dual-tip to clean, please sweep the Lens & Filters in a smooth circular motion with a gentle pressure.

Cleaning compound will not spill or dry up - no sprays, chemicals, liquid or residue.

Package includes:

1 x Rangers 3-in-1 Lenspen

1 x Dual tip




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