TYCKA Professional Camera Cleaning Kit for Optical Lens and Sensor, DSLR Cameras, 15ml Alcohol-Free Sensor Cleaner and 60ml Lens Cleaner, Improved Air Blower, Cleaning Swabs Lens Pen, Cleaning Cloth


  • 【PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SET】: 1 x 15ml sensor cleaner and 1 x 60ml lens cleaner, 1 x Hurricane Air Blower, 1 x Lens Pen, 2 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth(1x15cm*15cm,1x 23cm*23cm), 6 x 16mm Cleaning Swab , 6 x 24mm Cleaning Swab, 1 x Microfiber gloves, 1 x Lens paper, 8 x Cotton Swab, 10 x Cleaning wipes.

  • 【OPTICALLY DESIGNED】: Formula Camera Lens & Sensor Cleaner Kits leave zero scratches, streaks or marks after use.

  • 【HURRICANE AIR BLOWER】: The improved uni-body blower nozzle will not fall off while blowing a powerful stream of air, it can easily blow away dust and particles from the Camera lenses and sensors.

  • 【ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE】: Extremely fine Microfiber can easily clean the invisible dust, particles on Cameras and Lens, leaves no scratches, streaks or marks.

  • 【LENS CLEANING PEN】: Double headed designed, an adjustable dust removal brush on one side of the cleaning pen and the other side with precision carbon powder which can remove dust oil stains and fingerprints, safe for the lens.


Product description


Widely used for cleaning oil, fingerprints, smudges for camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, glasses, and other precision optical lenses.

15ml Eco-Friendly Sensor cleaner (1pcs):
15ml of formula solution. Safely and effectively removes oil, finger prints, dust from the sensor.

60ml Eco-Friendly Lens Cleaner (1pcs):
60ml formula solution:Easily remove fingerprints and grease without leaving behind any fibers or debris.

Hurricane Air Blower (1pcs):
Uni-body blower nozzle will not fall off while blowing a powerful stream of air to take away the dust from the Camera lenses and sensors.

Lens Cleaning Pen (1pcs):
Double headed designed, a brush and nano activated carbon powder for multiple cleaning use.

Vacuum Packaged Microfiber Cloths (1x 15cm*15cm+ 1x 23cm*23cm):
Specially designed for optics, ultra soft and gentle lint free microfiber leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks.

Lens paper (1pcs):
This cleaning tissue is a premium, lightweight, disposable tissue.

Cleaning Swabs (6x 16mm+ 6x 24mm): 
Lint-free sterile fabric swab head can easily clean the invisible dust, particles on APS-C Frame Sensor.

Dust-free Cotton Swab (8pcs):
Made of a special cotton fiber that produces no dust. Ideal for cleaning the edges of your lenses.

Microfiber Glove (1pair): 
Made of microfiber material, no static and no dust, suitable for fine work, breathable and comfortable.

Cleaning wipes(10pcs)
Sterilized to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs, 100% bio-degradable
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